Equipment and Food Discounts

Food and Kit Suppliers

Please note there are other suppliers you can go to. If you find a good one let us know and we can consider adding them to the list. When asking for discount always have you scout necker with you. Please don’t be offended if a supplier refuses discount or if the discount has changed especially on sale items.

  1. Eavq8 Expedition Food
  2. Vesty Foods
  3. DofE Expedition Equipment Discounts
  4. Cotswold Stores (15% discount with DofE Discount Card)
  5. Millets (10% scout discount)
  6. Blacks (10% scout discount)
  7. Go Outddoors (buy a membership card to get discounts, take your necker to get additional discounts)
  8. Go Outdoors online 10% discount code