Keep going

“Keep going” doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to pause and rest if you need it. You also don’t have to do this alone so if you are struggling reach out to someone: a friend, a parent, a teacher or a helpline. Just know there is always someone who will listen and care. 👭👬 @youngmindsuk

Day 2 Chamboree

Yesterday was a bit of a slow day as it was sub-camp day. The Explorers went out around Skull Harbour meeting the other groups.

We put on a spread of local food. Huge thanks to Gillian for the home baking and our other parents for the black pudding, Uncle Joes Mint Balls, Fishermans Friends etc. But I don’t think our Danish scouts liked black pudding.

The day ended with a rock concert.

The peg was brought to the Chamboree to remember a Scout from 12th Wallasey who has “gone home” and being given out in his memory. RIP Josh

Explorers Winter Camp 2015


We had another fantastic winter weekend in the Lake District. This year we stayed at Urswick Scout Camp. Nice little site near Ulverston.

On the Saturday we went on a DofE Practice route up to Levers Water near Coniston. Apart from a sudden snow / hail storm it stayed dry for us.

Saturday night was a 3 course meal prepared by the Explorers and included Bacon Sushi, Beef Stew and for pudding pancakes and popcorn.

We cut things short early on the Sunday as the weather deteriorated rapidly so after tidying up we drove home through rain, snow and gales.

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