Day 2 Chamboree

Yesterday was a bit of a slow day as it was sub-camp day. The Explorers went out around Skull Harbour meeting the other groups.

We put on a spread of local food. Huge thanks to Gillian for the home baking and our other parents for the black pudding, Uncle Joes Mint Balls, Fishermans Friends etc. But I don’t think our Danish scouts liked black pudding.

The day ended with a rock concert.

The peg was brought to the Chamboree to remember a Scout from 12th Wallasey who has “gone home” and being given out in his memory. RIP Josh

Young Leader Training

Great night last night despite the heat. We romped through Young Leader Module A training and everyone worked through the exercises. All the Explorers have now been through Mod A.

Everyone who was issued their Orange Cards and will go through the Young Leader missions in the coming months.

Once we competed Mod A we switched to menu and meal planning for our Summer Camp and Water Camp in September. We were a little challenged as our Danish friends want to eat traditional English food at camp in the summer.

I am not sure if the curry, chilli, spaghetti bol, and BBQ that the Explorers wanted constitutes British food. So we encroached them to think more along the lines of Yorkshire Pudding, Shepherds Pie, Eatan Mess and other British culinary delights.

Heat wave

Despite the heatwave on Sunday our Explorers spent another full day out walking. Up at 07:00 packing tents into rucksacks and making breakfast. The routes were challenging.


Jungle like growth clogged paths making them impassable. The sun blazed down all day and the Explorers slogged on. They made a few navigation errors but corrected most of them.

We are very proud of the way they conducted themselves and that they did not give up and stuck with it until the end. Despite being shattered they all still looked good at the end of the walk.