Pegasus Service Crew at Bibbys Farm

After a day of chilling out and having fun it was time to help the camp staff at Bibbys Farm. We repaired the road into the camp site, moved tyres from the playground to the go-cart track, moved a pile of fence posts and two huge telegraph poles off the play area and finished off by laying anti-weed matting in the new play ground extension.


Hard work and dedication finally pays off. Congratulations on passing your DofE

Amelia 1 Bronze DofE

Amelia 2 Bronze DofE

Zack Bronze DofE

Adele Bronze DofE

Jack Bronze DofE

Denby Bronze DofE

Jocelyn Silver DofE

Dan Silver DofE

Jess Silver DofE

Sarah Silver DofE

James Silver DofE

We just have a few things to do and you will also gain your Chief Scouts Awards.

Pancakes and Route Planning

It been another busy week so we have been a little slow in updating the blog for last Friday.

The DofE Gold group made their final decision about their expedition. Quite sensibly they opted to push it back to allow more time for planning, training and fundraising. So they will now be doing their practice expedition in the Autumn and final expedition in 2020.

The Bronze and what will soon be the new silver group practiced route planning in advance of a local walk in the next couple of weeks.

We followed this up with pancakes, It’s always lovely when one of my Explorers presents me with the perfect pancake to eat. Only thing better is a bacon butty 😆

Archery and 1st Aid

Finally felt like we were getting back into gear tonight. Started off with a meeting with our Gold DofE team to discuss expedition options and costs.

When everyone else arrived we split the rest of the night between archery and 1st Aid training.

At the end of the night our Explorers used the Quality Programme Checker to score our programme. It was good to see we scored green on everything. The only concern was their lack of involvement in District Explorer Scout planning.