Christmas Parcels

Tonight we packed Christmas parcels and wrote Christmas cards to send to our servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan.

Happy Christmas we hope they arrive in time. Stay safe we are thinking of you.

We followed this up with camp fire cooking. Doughnuts and marshmallows toasted over a camp fire was a new one. Couldn’t eat too many of those.

What a night

Wow what a night. We had parents and friends visiting Explorers tonight to watch our 4 DofE expedition teams give their Bronze and Silver expedition presentations. The Explorers were pretty awesome.

A special award was made by our Morocco expedition team leader Chris to Explorer Scout Euan for being the most improved Explorer whilst climbing in Morocco earlier in the year.

Explorer Scout Dan played the movie of clips from the Chamboree he had put together.

And we handed out over 100 Explorer badges and their are more on the way.

We even played host to the Manchester Scout Bee.

We finished the night with a thank you to our helpers who had been extra supportive over the busy summer.

I am totally shattered but so proud of you all and tonight you made all our leaders hard work over recent months worth it.

Thanks to everyone who turned up tonight. You helped raise £83 with the raffle and cake sale.

Race Night

Another fun night tonight our Explorers were out in the community helping Rotary with a race night to raise funds for our Tyldesley juniors rugby union team.

Not sure how much they made yet but some of our Explorers we kept busy selling raffle tickets, running the tickets for the races. The rest enjoyed time with there families cheering the horses and piglets on.

Southport Marina Day 1

The day started off cold and wet but after bacon butties Explorers were soon out on the marina kayaking canoeing, and sailing. One even managed to go snorkelling.

We finished off the day in the Splash Center before returning to the Marina Scout building where the Explorers cooked pasta carbonara for tea.

Intrepid Explorers

Our Explorers had two teams out at the weekend who successfully completed their Silver DofE Expeditions despite appalling weather and all the other challenges thrown their way.

Our Explorers were amazing and took the challenge in their stride and we are so proud of them.

This was our 7th and 8th expeditions of this year and a huge thank you to everyone who helped make our final expeditions a success. Thanks to Penny and Brian Arrowsmith, Karen, Matt, Izzy and Phil our Assessor. This was definitely our most challenging expedition weekend yet and between us we overcame all the problems thrown in our way.

#scouts #windermere #cumbria

Chamboree Day 7

Last full day, packed tents away, sleeping in the open tonight,

drumming lessons, fixed trailer lighters, then chilled out for rest of the day.

We made lobby for tea tonight with mash, fried green beans and courgettes. It’s always great to see a big queue for seconds.

Closing ceremony goodbye to Captain Chambo, another amazing live band followed by a DJ set.

Going to be really sad getting up in the morning without our Danish scouts.