Forms and Newsletters

The link below is for the car pass you will need to drop Explorers off at the Chamboree.

Car Pass SUBCAMPS Drop Off

If you are stopping over your should get a different pass, but as they have not arrived take one of these with you so at least you have something.

Summer Camp Permissions Form

Please see the permissions form below. Don’t forget your medications and pocket money.

Permissions Form – Summer Camp Chamboree 2018

Please bring a food bank donation:

Warrington and Macclesfield Foodbanks provide emergency food aid to families and individuals in crisis.  if everyone at Chamboree 2018 brings one or two small food items to camp and donates them, it would make a real difference to these charities and their wonderful work.  At the moment they particularly need any of the following:
Cream Crackers, Tinned Spaghetti, Sugar, Rice Pudding, Sponge Puddings
Rice (small packs), Pasta, Oats, Tomato sauce, Canned vegetables, Cooking oils, Flour, Peanut butter, canned fruit in juice (not syrup), canned soup, canned tuna in water
Instant mash (small packets), UHT milk, tinned meat, instant custard