DofE Expedition Presentations

Final stage of the expedition is making the Presentation. Always a bit nerve racking for our Explorers. 

They presented in front of parents, leaders and what we hope will be the next generation of scouts to move up to Explorers.

Well done, Expedition is now complete and passed.

DofE Bronze Practice Expedition

At the start of the summer we held two practice expeditions. All went really well until in the second day they decided to get up early. That’s 05:30 early. So tiredness crept in through the day leading to a a few navigation issues. But that’s why it’s a practice it’s all a learning curve. We also managed to throw in some fun actives and invest 3 new Explorers.

Time to catch up

It’s been another busy summer so it’s time to try and catch up with the blog. We have been to the Isle of Man, completed not one but two DofE Bronze Expeditions, been to the Mersey Moot and jammed with Italians on the Internet. More details to follow over the next few days.

Explorers at Middlewood Scout Camp

Middlewood is due to close for good at the end of the year when it moves to a new site. So we decided to make it our second home as much as possible this summer. We have had several really good Friday Nights down there doing camping skills, back woods cooking, axe throwing, shooting and generally having fun.

Tucked up for night in hammock
cooking without any pans and only a knife
Meet some of the unit

Happy Birthday to Us

We have been a bit busy since winter camp and need to catch up on our blog.

If I have my maths correct (which would be a first) we have a very special anniversary for Scouting in Astley today. 1st Astley is now 60 years young.

There are records to suggest Scouting in Astley is much older but due to two World Wars they are incomplete. We remember those leaders who served before the current formation of 1st Astley and fell in those wars.

Here is a huge BRAVO to all those leaders and scouts who came before us, a BRAVO to all those with us now and an even bigger BRAVO and WELCOME to the scouts and leaders who will be with us for the next 60 years.

Winter Camp

We had a cracking weekend at Dunham Scout Camp. We helped repair the road into the site and then took part in Axe Throwing, Archery, map reading and other outdoor activites.