Day 6 Sonderborg

Late breakfast this morning then catch the coach to a Sonderborg.
We parked up next to the Royal Yacht and then sat in a Viking Longboat.
Feeling hungry we found an amazing burger bar and ice cream place. Took a salute from the Danish navy. Like kids in the sweet shop we had huge ice creams. Had a wander round the shops bumping into scouts from all over the world. Then back to the Jamboree.

Day 5 Denmark

Day 5 its been sooooo hot. Explorers spent the morning building chariots, having fun with Danish scouts, making cakes and pancakes. Joined in the chariot joust race. Had cake.

In the afternoon the Explorers went off on their own round the site. In the evening we missed the campfire so I got our Explorers to entertain our Danish friends we some of our songs and we learned some Danish songs. Had more cake.

The Danes do really good cake.

Hi Day 2 Denmark

Day 2 someone really upset Thor this morning. We had a deluge and thunder and lightning. We had to move our tents around again on our micro camp site and still don’t have room for a fire. Our buddy group has come to the rescue and we are cooking together.We finally got our wrist bands so we can use the shops at last.

We stopped off at the JOTA station and took part in radio battleships, soldering a morse generator and went on Scout IRC.

This afternoon the sun came out and we helped our buddy group or maybe hindered them to build their camp gate. Our Bee and Lancashire flags are now flying from it.

This evening we have been at the opening camp fire. Then Pegasus entertained everyone on the way home.​​