2018 DofE Bronze Final Expedition

Day 1

As we had slept over at Bibbys Farm the night before the Explorers got themselves up early to away and get ready for the start of the expedition. Leaders were so impressed at being served coffee at 07:00 quickly followed by the all essential bacon butty.

After setting off and a few minor navigation errors that they sorted out themselves out. After a days walking in blistering heat arrived back on the campsite, tents back up, food cooked and chilling out.

Day 2

On Day 2 the heatwave continued and our Explorers spent another full day out walking. Up at 07:00 packing tents into rucksacks and making breakfast. The routes were challenging. Jungle like growth clogged paths making them impassable. The sun blazed down all day and the Explorers slogged on. They made a few navigation errors but corrected most of them.

We are very proud of the way they conducted themselves and that they did not give up and stuck with it until the end. Despite being shattered they all still looked good at the end of the walk.

Photos added by Explorer Scout A.N.