2018 Cheshire Chamboree

Pegasus Explorer Scouts from Tyldesley and Astley hosted Danish Scouts from Jordrup Gruppe at the Cheshire Chamboree. We did this in return for the fantastic welcome they gave us last year when they hosted us in Denmark at their national Jamboree. 

It was like the Scouts from both countries had never been apart as they mucked in together living, cooking, taking part in activities and partying together. It was wonderful to see them working and having fun together with no concerns about nationality. 


Maybe seeing young people together like this is something that politicians the world over could learn from. It was the same across the Chamboree with something like 4,500 scouts and guides from the UK and over 20 other countries taking part together in a wide range of creative, global and adventurous activities. Every day ended in a huge party with live rock bands and DJ’s. It was a memorable and exhausting week. At the end of the week we said a sad goodbye to our Danish friends with a promise to meet up with them again in the future.